The Flannel Attractions are simply stunning. The perfect blend of roots, folk pop, and bluegrass will have you itching for more. Take one listen and you’ll feel like your at a good old hootenanny.

Here is a short biography about the band: Though they met by playing the renowned Jackson Hole Hootenanny – a decades-old Wyoming music tradition that has been graced by folk and bluegrass stalwarts like John Denver and Peter Rowan – The Flannel Attractions’ music has a far-reaching appeal that even attracts listeners with the blissful ignorance to call the mandolin a “mini guitar.”
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Drawing from singer-guitarist Pat Chadwick’s experiences entering and leaving the tumult of city life, the band’s songwriting depth can be compared to modern folk revival acts, and their instrumentation lies somewhere between the loose folk pop of The Lumineers and the virtuosic and progressive bluegrass of The Punch Brothers. Meanwhile, the stunning harmonies offered by singer-violinist Emily Yarbrough are likely to evoke comparisons to The Civil Wars and The Head and The Heart.

In their first year of existence, The Flannel Attractions have honed that niche sound, walking a fine line between indie folk and bluegrass while steadily developing a fan base in the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. In the dead of winter in Jackson Hole, the band self-produced their debut self-titled EP and celebrated the disc’s February 2013 arrival with a sold-out release show at Dornan’s – the current location of the Hootenanny.

With recent airplay on Wyoming Public Radio and positive press extending to the Pacific Northwest, The Flannel Attractions are currently growing their grassroots following with tours through Colorado, Montana and Idaho, as well as the pursuit of relevant regional festivals throughout the country. (Photo & Bio from The Flannel Attractions

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