All The Times We Had, Ivan & Alyosha’s highly anticipated first full-length album is simply stunning.
1340290630IvanAndAyloshaPhto KyleDeanReinford 288x192 Ivan & Alyosha “We didn’t get it perfect, but I definitely think we got it right,” Tim Wilson says of the new album. “We really worked hard to get a live vibe, and to capture that inspiration that we get when we’re on the road, when everybody’s together and feeding off of each other. You can nit-pick and edit everything until it sounds perfect, but we were more concerned with just getting the best performances we could. I think that it’s more mature and more focused, and closer to what we do live, than the records that we’d done before. We definitely had moments in the studio where it like, ‘Oh, wow, this is special.’”

Ivan & Alyosha are well known across the Pacific Northwest for their strong performances that are full of energy. The introspective lyrics, great guitar hooks, and sweet melodies are all awesome I know, but what really sets the charge for this album are the powerfully infectious harmonies. Their song ‘Running For Cover,’ is a prime example of the camaraderie feeling this band emits.

“I think that we all feel pretty strongly that this is what we’re supposed to be doing, playing music, trying to write good, timeless songs, and trying to connect with people,” Wilson states. “I think that we have a pretty deep sense of purpose, that this is not just some accident. I guess that the essence of faith is having felt or experienced something that maybe you can’t hold in your hand, and I think that’s how I’d describe my attitude towards music. And it’s OK if it’s hard, because anything in life that’s worth doing is hard.”

Ivan & Alyosha, taking name from two characters in ‘Brothers Karamazov’ the final novel by Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky was formed when Tim Wilson met Ryan Carbary in 2007. The pair spent nearly a year writing material for their debut EP, ‘The Verse, The Chorus’ Released in March 2009, the EP drew some very unexpected praise and received a great amount of airtime. Their second EP ‘Fathers Be Kind’ was released in February 2011.

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