fieldreport 288x288 Field Report Unveils New Video For I Am Not Waiting Anymore

[O]fficial video out for “I Am Not Waiting Anymore,” the first single off of Field Report’s self-titled debut album “Field Report.” A big hit at SXSW in 2012, Field Report will be back at SXSW in March, followed up with a tour of the East Coast with Sara Watkins.

By listening to Chris Porterfield’s lyrics on repeat during his daily bike rides through Milwaukee, director Marquez says, “I started to see this world that he was creating, a world that was this Field Report album. It reminded me of Raymond Carver’s work or Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, OH. You have this series of seemingly normal situations, and people in different phases of life dealing with these situations. I’m talking about love, lost love, happiness, and longing. And with all the empty factories and old houses in Milwaukee, the town just set the scene.”

Marquez continues, “The most difficult part of shooting the video was the scene in the church food program at the end. That’s St. Ben’s in Milwaukee, and it’s a wonderful place where the Capuchin Brothers feed about 400 people every night. We had to shoot it in a way that the only faces seen were those of the people that wanted to be in the video, and respect all the other people that were just there for a meal.”

-I am red in tooth and claw God’s favorite child, bloodied from the brawl This bitterness was killing me all along I am not waiting anymore I am not waiting anymore
-Blowing through time like nickel slots in a windowless room, on a credit card: flash it like a semaphore- a vague, drafty metaphor- I am not waiting anymore
-I’ve been a keen eyed observer of the movements of concentric parts of bodies of bones and breasts and unmapped chambers of hearts
-Sand in hand has turned to glass a Jeroboam filled with a life that’s passed Toss it off the balcony and listen for the crash I am not waiting anymore
-I spent eight long years working on my screenplay it’s a teen movie with young actresses that plays to the middle aged
-I have read between the lines I have been wrong every time It burned up on the alter, but I am fine I am not waiting anymore I am not waiting anymore I am not waiting anymore.

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